Sport Clubs Council

Sport Clubs Council

The Sport Clubs Council (SCC) is the student governing body of the Sport Clubs program and is overseen by the Sport Clubs staff. The SCC is responsible for the following:

  • Allocation of funds for each club’s annual budget
  • Allocation of Special Request funds
  • New club proposals and dismissal of clubs 
  • Consulted on some program policy

The Sport Clubs Council is made up of 8 students selected from all Sport Clubs. Council members are selected for either a 2-year or 1-year term. There may only be one person nominated from each club. The selection is decided by the current year’s SCC through an application process. The Sport Clubs staff will appoint a 2nd year member as President based on that student’s knowledge, experience, and leadership abilities. Remaining members will all considered at-large members. The Sport Clubs Council meets every two weeks, but may vary based on the amount of business. Meetings are open for any sport club participants to attend. The SCC will not conduct business during the summer semesters, unless warranted by circumstances.

For Sport Clubs questions related to the Council, please email Jon Broska (Advisor) at

2014-2015 Council

  • Christina Barnes
    Women's Lacrosse
  • Anthony Cofrancesco
  • Meredith Diamond
    Swimming & Diving
  • Stephen Ireland
  • Peter John Jude
  • Clayton Lippincott
    Men's Lacrosse
  • Mason Rawson
    Cuong Nhu
  • Taylor Shekels
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