Entrance Policy

  1. Entry into the park is only permitted with a current/valid Gator 1 Card that states one of the following: student, faculty, staff, spouse, partner, retired, UAA, U.F. Foundation and Shands employees whose cards include a hologram and UF ID number.
  2. Gator 1 Cards are not transferable and must be shown upon request.

Guest Policy

  1. A Gator 1 Card holder may bring up to 4 guests and is responsible for their guest's actions.
  2. Guests should be in the vehicle of the Gator 1 Card holder or in the next immediate vehicle.
  3. Gator 1 Card holders and guests must arrive simultaneously. The Gator 1 Card holder must remain in the park with their guests at all times.

Park Policy

  1. Alcohol is not allowed.
  2. Dogs, (pets) are not allowed, with the exception of service related animals. . Pets may not be left in cars.
  3. Private gas-powered-boats or jet skis are not allowed in the park or on the lake.
  4. Gas powered mini-bikes, skateboards, skates and scooters are restricted to main roads and parking lots. Bikes are only allowed on mountain bike trails and roadways.
  5. Due to park capacity, large groups may not be accommodated without prior approval.
  6. Fishing is allowed at Lake Wauburg. A state fishing license is required for persons over 16 years old (http://www.myfwc.com). No fishing from swim area dock or in the swim area.
  7. The use of metal detectors is not allowed. The removal of artifacts, plants or animals is not allowed. Adding aquarium plants, fish or animals to the lake is not permitted.
  8. Parking is only permitted in designated parking areas.
  9. The park's opening and closing times are posted and will be strictly enforced.
  10. Park staff reserves the right to remove anyone engaged in dangerous, inappropriate or disruptive activities.

Reservation Policy

  1. Lake Wauburg is a private facility Funded by Student Government and only for the use of current students, faculty and staff. All groups reserving the facilities must have at least 80% current Gator 1 card holders in their group.
  2. Night time events are not available due to insufficient lighting and safety issues around the lake.
  3. A facility reservation form must be on file and signed to confirm a reservation. Reservations forms may be obtained by calling the Lake Wauburg office at (352) 466-4112.
  4. Reservations must be canceled at least 14 days prior to the event by calling (352) 466-4112. If the group is a "no-show" and has not called to cancel, the group will not be allowed to reserve a facility for one full year.
  5. Only registered student organizations may reserve the pavilions and Cypress Lodge on Saturday and Sunday. If the Cypress Lodge is not reserved seven days prior to an event, another University of Florida group may reserve on that Saturday or Sunday. Weekdays are open to all University of Florida groups.
  6. A fee will be charged if the facility is used outside of the normal operational hours or if additional staff is required.
  7. Only groups with a minimum of 50 people and a maximum of 75 people may reserve the Cypress Lodge. Groups of more than 100 may only reserve a pavilion. If a facility is not reserved on Tuesday, the week of the event, a group of 49 or less may make a reservation.
  8. Prior arrangements must be made with Lake Wauburg management for special events or activities outside of normal picnic activities. Art projects, water games, candles, fires outside of grills, nails and tape on walls are prohibited. No spike heels allowed in Lodge.
  9. Groups are responsible for cleaning any excessive mess and placing trash in the containers provided. Trashcan liners will be provided.
  10. Playing fields and beach volleyball courts must be shared with other groups in the park.
  11. If money is collected, a Special Events Form must be signed by the Assistant Dean of Greek Affairs (fraternities and sororities only), University Police Department, Lake Wauburg and the Center for Student Involvement in the Reitz Union. A certificate of insurance may be required.

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