Officials and Scorekeepers

Welcome to the Intramural Sports Program! Each year, we hire over 300 UF students to officiate and keep score during our Intramural Sports contests. There is no formal paper application process to become an official or a scorekeeper and we do not require a resume. In order to get hired, each applicant must attend the rules session for each position they wish to apply for.

Official's Informational Session

During this session, attendees will learn the duties and expectations of an Intramural Sports official and scorekeeper. We will discuss hiring procedures, training agendas, schedules, and advancement opportunities. This session is not mandatory to be hired, but serves as a great introduction to the program. The session takes place Monday, August 27 at 7:00 p.m. in the SWRC Arena Conference Room.

Rules Sessions

These sessions are mandatory in order to get hired. Because of the high level of competitiveness for our positions, we are generally unable to accept any excuse for not being able to attend. During the spring semester, we have 5 different positions open. You must attend the rules session for each position that you wish to apply for.


Date Time Location
Indoor Volleyball Monday, August 27 8:00 PM SWRC Arena Conference Room
Softball Tuesday, August 28 8:30 PM SWRC Arena Conference Room
Scorekeepers Tuesday, September 2 5:30 PM Reitz Union Grand Ballroom
Flag Football Tuesday, September 2 6:45 PM Reitz Union Grand Ballroom
Indoor Soccer Tuesday, September 2 9:00 PM Reitz Union Grand Ballroom
3-on-3 Basketball Thursday, October 6 7:00 PM SWRC Arena Conference Room








Pay Rates

Intramural Officials – starting at $8.42 per hour
Intramural Scorekeepers – starting at $7.93 per hour (Hired for Basketball and Softball; must work both)

If you have any additional questions, please contact Marty Dempsey at

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