Lead, Achieve, Succeed. Got Sport Clubs in You?



With 44 clubs to choose from, Sport Clubs are student-run organizations for those who have a passion for a particular sport or who want to learn a new sport. While they are certainly competitive (I mean we all want to be at our best), they also stress development of skills, team-building and leadership. So if you are thinking about joining a Sport Club in the spring, here is some useful info!

  • Sport Clubs are easy to get involved with. Just look for the sport you are interested in on the Sport Clubs directory here, check out the club’s website to see when the club is practicing and just show up to practice!

  • After attending a few practices, you feel you are really hooked, sign up on RSconnect (under "Courses")!

  • Go practice with your new group of friends – it’s a great stress reliever and time to socialize.

  • Attend the club’s meetings to learn more about the club’s life, upcoming races/tournaments/competition, volunteer opportunities or even help with organizing one of the club's special events. Great confidence and resume builders!

  • Join the team when they travel to races or tournaments. Traveling is always a great way to learn, bond with your fellow teammates and show your Gator pride!

  • Volunteer to work with the club at local events or for an organization. It feels good to give back!

  • If you want to get more involved with your club, sign-up for a leadership position. Positions become available at the end of the Spring semester.

    • Becoming a club officer is a great way to gain more leadership experience, take on responsibilities, develop your management skills and inspire others through great sportsmanship.

    • Positions very from club to club and include: president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, webmaster, sponsorship coordinator, special event coordinator, fundraising coordinator, Sport Clubs Council representative and coach. Please note that these positions are volunteer positions.

    • If you wish to gain even more leadership and budgeting experience, the Sport Clubs Council (SCC) member’s position is a great option.

      • The SCC allocates funds to each of the clubs’ annual budget. It also allocates special request funds for traveling (to national or regional events). It approves new club proposals and dismissals of clubs and can also be consulted on program policies.

      • The SCC is made up of eight students selected from all Sport Clubs. Members are selected for either a two-year or one-year term. Only one person from each club can be nominated. The Council meets every two weeks and business is not conducted during summer semesters.

      • Visit the Sport Clubs Council page for more info.

  • Most of the clubs have coaches and they are great resources. If you have any questions about your training, they are there to help you.

  • Have fun regardless of your involvement with your Sport Club, whether you are a seasoned member or an occasional-once-per-week participant.

Remember, Sport Clubs are a great way to participate in sports and recreational activities, while building your leadership skills, challenging yourself and encouraging team-building.

Join a club today or as early as January! You won’t regret it!


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