Florida Crew: Teamwork, Dedication, Excellence.


"In rowing... I found a sport that demanded some skill, granted, but placed a much higher premium on plain hard work and persistence."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  -Harry Parker, Harvard Rowing Coach and former Olympian

The Florida Crew Club is a group full of men and women who know the meaning of hard work.  An average week for a dedicated member includes up to six practices filled with rowing ergs (stationary rowing machines at Southwest Recreation Center), stadium conditioning, and training sessions out on the water. Andy Mullins, a senior at UF, and the current president of the club, says he thought he was in shape until he joined Crew.

If you have ever participated on a competitive sports team, you know that going through tough physical trials with your team can lead to an emotional bond that isn't easily broken. For this reason, Florida Crew has been described as “a second family.”  It is not unusual for teammates to transition into roommates or even best friends. Members of the club organize social gatherings outside of practice such as tailgating for Gator football games, and playing basketball or Ultimate Frisbee. 

Florida Crew competes in boat races, or regattas, at varying times throughout the semester. Spring tends to have about six 2000-meter regattas, while there are usually two or three longer races in the fall. The club is made up of men’s and women’s Varsity and Novice teams. The goal is to include as many participants in each regatta as possible but the most competitive events allow for only two boats to enter.

Anyone who might be up for a physical and mental challenge like this is encouraged to give Crew a shot, regardless of previous experience.  Mullins joined the team in 2009 with no high school experience, yet within that same academic year earned the title of Captain. So give Crew a try! Lifelong friendships and toned arms await!

For more information about joining, email Recruitment Chair, Dillon Snyder at dillons@ufl.edu.


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