The expansion of the Southwest Recreation Center is the first complete Low Impact Development design on campus. The site offers:

  • 100% of storm water contained on site through a series of bio-swales. Bio-swales are sloped landscape elements that capture surface water runoff.
  • 100% native plants that save 90% of water
  • 100% reclaimed water for irrigation
  • 100% high albedo material for all the sidewalks. High albedo materials allow for further energy savings by absorbing less heat than a standard sidewalk, maintaining a low surface temperature and reducing heat gain to the building.
  • Increased bike rack space by 200%
  • Reflective (Energy Star) roof for use as a heat island which efficiently retains heat and energy.
  • LED lighting on some interior and all exterior fixtures including the art work and markers.
  • Material specifications were made with regional availability, and local materials were used when possible
  • The building is transparent, celebrating and showing the activity within. This transparency is reinforced by large scale cylindrical light fixtures that change colors.
  • The building is designed to accommodate future expansion to the east, and provides a large social gathering area for guests and additional space for administrative offices.
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